CMF by Nothing: Get Ready to Experience Luxury on a Budget

CMF by Nothing

Compared to other major players in the consumer electronics industry, Nothing is a relatively new brand. As a matter of fact, it has been just three years since Carl Pei founded the company. And so far, we have seen two smartphone releases and a couple of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) buds from the brand. But it seems three years is all that the brand needed to come up with its very own sub-brand, CMF by Nothing.

As Carl Pei said during the introductory video, CMF by Nothing will focus primarily on offering budget-friendly products. And the good part is that you’ll soon see the company introducing a pair of affordable true wireless earbuds and a smartwatch.

CMF by Nothing Will Focus on Keeping the Prices Low While Offering Timeless Designs

There’s no denying that Nothing devices are already known for keeping the price tags a little low than the competition. None of the products of the brand really belongs to the high-end or expensive price range. Consider the Nothing Phone (2), for example. It’s a flagship-grade device that you can get for just $600.

Nothing Phone (2) promo

But still, many consider the offerings from Nothing a bit out of reach. Well, to make things better, Carl Pei came out with CMF by Nothing. This new sub-brand will focus on delivering products with clean and timeless designs while keeping the price tag low.

CMF by Nothing Logo

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And with the existence of CMF by Nothing, Nothing will focus on bringing high-end products that are focused on performance and integrating the latest and greatest technologies. In other words, Nothing will be going head-on with the premium brands after CMF starts operating in full fledge.

Diversified Products with Zero Conflicts

As Carl Pei explains, CMF by Nothing will be operating autonomously under the large umbrella of Nothing. Now, even though Nothing and its sub-brand will focus on the same products, there will be no chance of getting conflicted with each other when it comes to designing and releasing products.

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After all, the targeted audience for both brands will have a clear line. Nothing will be aimed at the high-end market, while CMF by Nothing will focus on providing more value.

Carl Pei and the Nothing team have revealed all of this and more during a community update. You can check out everything about the update with the video embedded below.

CMF by Nothing Is Not a New Concept, But It’ll Be Surely Interesting

There’s no denying that CMF by Nothing will not surprise many people. We already have Narzo by Realme, Redmi and Poco by Xiaomi, Nord by OnePlus, and Huawei used to have Honor. But the thing with these sub-brands is that their products are very similar. Of course, the sub-brands do focus on different regions than their parent brand.

Now, there’s no clear indication of whether the products from CMF by Nothing will be different from Nothing. But the good news is Carl Pei has talked about the plans of CMF to launch a pair of brand-new TWS earbuds and a smartwatch later this year. So, we’ll not need to wait too long to find out.

Nothing Phone 2

That said, you might wonder if CMF by Nothing will bring out its smartphone to the market. Well, even though Carl has only mentioned earbuds and smartwatches, it’ll definitely introduce smartphones later down the line. After all, a sub-brand never focuses on just accessories.

Hopefully, more information about the brand and its future plans will be revealed soon. And when Pei offers more information, we’ll update you on it. So, stay tuned if you are excited about this sub-brand.

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